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We are Alaunus

We offer you a chance to change the way care delivery works.

Our mission

To provide you with the best solution in management for your healthcare organization

What matters most at Alaunus?

Patient Care

We want your organization to deliver care to your patients the best way they possibly can. Our team is dedicated to developing the most innovative solutions to help you do better at what you do best – caring for others.

Admin solutions

At alaunus, we want to to take care of your administrative process. To make it run smoother, faster and more efficiently so you can get the most out of your day and still have time for what matters most – your patients



With us, you’re not just signing up for another piece of software. You’re signing up for a partnership. We are committed to helping your organization achieve, watch you grow and support you along the way – its who we are.


At alaunus, nothing is more important than moving together and working cohesively as a team. Teamwork at alaunus helps bring the most out of everyone to develop the best tools and products for your organization – where it all happens.

Our story

While growing up, Andrew Ringer, founder and CEO of Alaunus was surrounded by people in the healthcare industry. Countless times he witnessed individuals missing out on important events and being distracted at home while they tried to complete paperwork on their own time. That was what began the journey to Alaunus.

After spending years developing and designing software for fortune 500 companies, and working on the CWS team redesigning timesheet and payroll processes, Andrew made the decision to break off on his own and pursue his passion in the healthcare industry. He set off to find the rock awesome team he has today and pave the way for the future of healthcare

Having been working at Alaunus for years now, Andrew and his team have developed and rolled out innovative healthcare solutions currently being employed by many users in the healthcare industry to better run and manage their organizations.

Into the future, Andrew and his team are looking to expand their reach to healthcare organizations around North America. With new features currently under development, they are hoping to continue leading, and paving the way forward for solutions in the healthcare industry.


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